Game time: 00:00:00
1 BTC = 8057.92 USD
Game time: 00:00:00
1 BTC = 8057.92 USD
1 BTC = 511677.92 RUB


1. Do you have an affiliate program?


The affiliate program inBitcoin Bum has 3 levels, 1 level up to 30%, 2 level up to 3%, 3 level 1%, earnings from the affiliate program are transferred to the account for Withdrawal.

More information about this system can be found in the section «Referrals»
2. How can I earn in the project Bitcoin Bum?

Everything is simple.

In our project there are several ways to earn money:

1) Find a job in the My work:

- Use free jobs to start earning money

- Do simple tasks and get bitcoins on your account for withdrawal and purchases in the game

- Get more lucrative jobs to earn more.

2) Use the My referrals to share the link with friends and earn referral rewards.

3) Increase trust and authority in Prison and Administration to make it easier to make a profit in BTC currency from work and business.

And this is not the limit, as the project develops, we will expand this list.

In more detail about the ways of earning you can read immediately after registration in the Training.
3. Is there a quantitative restriction on participation in hyip projects?

You can get any job if you meet all the requirements:
- availability of housing for job opening (it is necessary to buy housing for a job offer in the My Home)
- sufficient amount of funds in the account

To increase profits from work several times, use the "x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6" buttons.This increase is for works with profit in BTC currency.
4. What payment systems are used to Deposit and withdraw funds?

Replenishment of the balance can be carried out through the payment system:

QIWI Wallet, PAYEER, Perfect Money, crypto, Yandex Money, AdvCash.

Withdrawals can be made through payment systems:

QIWI Wallet, PAYEER, Perfect Money, BTC wallet, AdvCash.

As the project develops, we will add payment systems for the convenience of input and output of resources by participants.
5. Is it necessary to invest your money in the project to earn?


You can earn on the referral system, inviting friends to the game on your referral link.

You can earn money by completing tasks in the «My job» section, as well as participating in unprecedented competitions and promotions of the project that we create for participants.
6. I have BTCand(or) $ for shopping, why can't I withdraw them?

You can only withdraw BTC and(or) $ from the account for withdrawal!
7. How much can I withdraw if I do not replenish my account in the game?

In the game there are no restrictions on withdrawal without replenishment.

Invite your friends, complete tasks and earn BTC without restrictions.
8. If I invite friends, what do I get?

Inviting friends, you will receive % of their deposits in the game, depending on Your referral status.
9. Is it possible to reset or change the pincode

It is impossible to repair or change the pincode!

It was introduced in order to eliminate fraudulent changes in wallets and withdrawals Of your funds, you need to record and store it in a private place, or remember when it is first entered, the system warns you about it.
10. What is the minimum withdrawal amount for each wallet?

List of minimum withdrawal amounts for each payment system:

Payeer-0.08$ or 5 rubles,
Qiwi-5 rubles,
Bitcoin-0.001 BTC,
AdvCash-0.08$ or 5 rubles.
11. I joined the hyip project, and the profit from it does not come constantly, why?

You need to visit your work and take your salary at least every 24 hours, as your wallet is filled to the maximum during this period of time.

Accordingly, without collecting the extracted capital on time, your work does not bring profit until you collect funds for your wallet.

For those who do not have the opportunity to enter the game daily, use the section “Bank”. There you can create a deposit and make a profit to the account for withdrawal automatically (without manual fundraising).
12. I can not close the loan I took, what to do?

You can repay the loan only after the replenishment (can be replenished in parts) for the amount of the loan taken.

After this condition is met, the "repay loan" button will appear in the «Credit» section, the required balance is specified in the same section.

ATTENTION!!! - exchanged funds and referral credits are not taken into account when repaying the loan.
13. How to extend rental housing in order not to lose your job?

Since 11.10.2019 the rules of the game have changed. Now, if you do not extend the housing, you will not lose your job.

Three days before the end of the lease, in the field of rented housing, in the My work, will you have the "Renew" button?

Do it on time, otherwise you will not be able to collect income from work.
14. How to Deposit money for laundering?

The account for money laundering is replenished when completing tasks in the section "My Jobs".

Types of jobs:

  • - "The reporter"
  • - "Promoter"
  • - "Search for errors"
  • - "Post on the forum"
  • - "Write an article about the game Bitcoin Bum"
  • - "Create a forum topic about our game and get a bonus"
  • - "Subscribe to telegram channel"
  • - "Subscribe to the Telegram Chat of our project"
  • - "Write a review about the project"

Revenues go to the account for withdrawal and to the account for money laundering.

Attention: this list of jobs may be supplemented.

You can also get 30% from replenishment of invited participants or 40% from own replenishment to the laundering account.

P.S.: Only 3-5 active invitees and you will never have money laundering problems.

15. How to level up in the game?

The level of the game is increased by spending from the account purchases.

How much you need to spend to get the level:

  • Level 1 spend-0.00015 BTC
  • Level 2 spend-0.0003 BTC
  • level 3 spend-0.0005 BTC
  • Level 4 spend-0.001 BTC
  • Level 5 spend-0.005 BTC
  • Level 6 spend-0.01 BTC
  • Level 7 spend-0.05 BTC
  • Level 8 spend-0.1 BTC
  • Level 9 spend-0.5 BTC
  • Level 10 spend-1 BTC
  • Level 11 spend - 5 BTC
  • Level 12 spend 10 BTC