Game time: 00:00:00
1 BTC = 8052.87 USD
Game time: 00:00:00
1 BTC = 8052.87 USD
1 BTC = 511357.25 RUB


17.10.19 12:45
Dear friends !!! Super news, in our city of Mukhosransk now there is a new currency, the dollar ($). The dollar is a stable and legal currency for which you do not need an account for laundering. With the help of the dollar, you can get a lucrative job, make a Deposit in the Bank at a favorable interest rate, gain trust and authority, exchange for bitcoin (BTC) and get 40% of the Deposit to the account for laundering.
Changes to the Rules
11.10.19 12:06
Dear friends. We are pleased to inform you that from today the new rules of the game come in, if you do not renew the rental of housing you will not be fired from work. If the lease is not extended, the collection of income from work will not be possible until the lease is extended. Another great news is that all participants who for the entire time of the game lost their jobs and (or) business will be restored under individual conditions. For detailed information and restoration of work and (or) business, write to tech support. We also want to inform who has trust and (or) authority, write technical support for compensation. 10/12/2019 they will be reset. P.S. Since there will probably be many calls, a big request is to be patient and wait for an answer from tech support. We wish you all a successful game!
Warning crime!
14.09.19 17:10
Dear friends! Our team is pleased to announce the opening of the "Crime" section. Residents of the city of Muhosransk swept a wave of crime. Gangs (organized crime groups) are being created in the city to rob the population. Now they can rob the work or business of any resident who has not collected income within 2 hours.
22.08.19 19:31
Dear friends!!! Residents of Muhosransk, we have great news for you: now for active players the referral rewards is up to 30 percent of the replenishment of a level 1 referral. And also the campaign continues to replenish 70% for 3 days. Read the detailed conditions in the section “my referrals” - "Section help". P.S. Very soon, our Bitcoin Bum project team will launch the "Crime" section.
The new mini-game
20.08.19 18:46
Dear friends! The game has a new opportunity to try your luck. We are pleased to provide you with a mini-game known throughout the world - this is Rock-Paper-Scissors. In this game you can play with a virtual player named "Siphon", and also fight between real players of Muhosransk residents.